Yoobux is The Future of Loyalty and Engagement Programs

The current state of loyalty and engagement reward programs generally amounts to an assorted network of dozens and hundreds of point-based, gift cards, and more of much of the same.


    • These decades old strategies may have become inadequate, costly, and possibly un-responsive for some businesses and brands wishing to further connect with their customers. What Yoobux has done, is created (and patented in Canada and U.S.) a controller. This controller may be very well the next milestone in loyalty commerce.

    • The Yoobux team worked on the problem for a very long time and soon realized and for good reason, consumers love digital currency and digital transactions. After years of research we believe we’ve come up with something disruptive. Without getting into much technical details, our controller will co-exist alongside digital transactions and digital currency.

    • As a conclusion, we really like what we’ve come up with, but with all good ideas, imagination, and lots of time spent on this project we cannot move ahead without market validation and funding. If you are a business which can support us as we seek to bring our project forward please contact us.
Thank you
The Yoobux Team