About Yoobux

Re-Inventing Affiliate Marketing and Rewards for the New Digital World

The customer is now the most powerful and lucrative marketing tool available to brands.

  • Organically maximize brand visibility
  • Improve brand reputation
  • Rewards become associated with ease and efficiency
  • Brands will be able to offer an experience of independence to consumers
  • Inexpensive method of engaging customers on ongoing basis
  • Position themselves as innovative and in sync with what their customers want
  • Sophisticated real-time customer data tools

Customers are now the most powerful and lucrative tool available to brands. Brands reward
exposure given by their clients through affiliate marketing programs,
but these programs are ineffective. We at Yoobux have re-invented affiliate marketing and
rewards for the new digital world.

Our technology has the very real potential to not only change the way we interact with brands, but also how we think of ourselves.
By disrupting the affiliate marketing system and enabling customers to be rewarded simply by wearing the products they’ve purchased.

On countless occasions all over the world, someone is looking at someone else and admiring a piece of their Apparel which that person is so gladly displaying “I look good in this”. Well we at Yoobux agree entirely and we want to pay you for looking so good.