Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

Oversight of the Yoobux ecosystem development
• 4 decades of engineering and research experience guided by strict
corporate and military principles
• Currently aero engine technician for leading multinational engineering firm


Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer

Visionary who was one of the first corporate identity creators to offer design
and print services over the Internet.

• Started his first company at 13 years old
• Sold his business to a fortune 500 company  in 2008
• Led a marketing and branding team of 25 for over 30 years.
• Developing new ideas, products and services has made Cono a leading
force within his industry

DEREK Nowrouzezahrai

Data Science Officer

Derek is an Associate Professor at McGill University, Director of McGill’s Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM), the co-Director of McGill’s Graphics Lab (MGL), and the NSERC/Ubisoft Industrial Research Chair in Believable Virtual Character Experiences.

Derek’s research tackles the simulation of various physical phenomena — such as the dynamics of moving objects and the simulation of lighting for realistic image synthesis — with applications in virtual reality, video games, fluid simulation and control, digital manufacturing, computationally-augmented optics, and geometry processing. Moreover, Derek is interested in the development of differentiable simulators of these dynamical systems and their applications to inverse problems in robotics and vision.

Derek’s work relies fundamentally on

  • Developing high performance and sample efficient (Markov Chain) Monte Carlo-based methods
  • High-order statistics and computational methods for complex multi-dimensional integration problems
  • Differentiable physics-based simulators and numerical methods for dynamical systems
  • Applying machine learning to 3D, visual and interactive media.